1750 SW Stone Avenue, Topeka, KS 66604 • 785.272.4313

School Website:

Principal: Eric White, ewhite@mphm.com

Asst. Principal: Diane Chapman, dchapman@mphm.com

Development: Christy Sheetz, csheetz@mphm.com

Secretary: Coleen Coker, ccoker@mphm.com

Pastor: Fr. Greg Hammes,

Assoc. Pastor: Fr. Jonathan Dizon,

Established in 1950, Most Pure Heart of Mary Catholic School is rooted in tradition while it adapts to the educational needs of the students in an ever-changing world. Teachers partner with parents to educate children and build within them strong moral values and form them as Disciples of Christ for life. Most Pure Heart of Mary knows that the education your child receives now will affect the rest of their lives. Our strong academic curriculum, highly trained teachers, and resources help all of our students achieve success. We would like to share the opportunities and faith formation that Most Pure Heart of Mary can offer to all children.

Class Size: 21 students
Teacher-Student Ratio: 1 to 21
Enrollment: 380 Students in K thru 8th grade
School Hours: 7:45 am - 3:05 pm
Preschool: Krische Child Development Center, contact:
Shelley Couch 272-4791, scouch@mphm.com